Restaurant design project for contract environments

The TEXTUR space offers a restaurant experience that combines the comfort and gastronomic possibilities of a closed restaurant with the flexibility and dynamism of a street food one. This experience is complemented by the decontextualization of the textures and the scale of the elements that surround the user. In front of closed traditional distributions where the bar is located on one side, TEXTUR poses an open distribution where the bar is located in the center, articulating all the space around it.

In the city, people are on a small scale in front of the elements of their environment (buildings, streets …) When we enter an interior space, the scale relationship between the person and the elements changes. TEXTUR breaks this scale relationship by introducing textures and elements of a macroscopic size in an open space. The user loses the usual references and is predisposed to rethink what he experiences inside: the gastronomy of the restaurant.

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Type Interior design
Area 100 m2
Location -
Year 2019
Client Intercidec
Project WAS
Photography WAS
Construction -