The integral renovation of this apartment in Salamanca, was done on a fairly old floor. It is a good example of how you can greatly improve a home on a reduced budget. We focused on investing resources where they will really get the most out of it.

The first thing we found in this house was an excess of partition walls and a large corridor in L that gave access to all the rooms. In addition, one of the two bathrooms was very small and not functional at all. The kitchen was impractical and with very little storage space and countertop.

Our main action in the integral renovation of the apartment focused on these areas, maintaining the distribution of the bedrooms. To do this, we removed the hall, a very wasted space, giving it to the living room. We also eliminated part of the corridor, thus achieving two generous and very functional bathrooms. We also gained enough storage space with the shelves. In the kitchen, to take full advantage of its small size, we placed a sliding centered door to oxygenate the space. We also increased the kitchen by three modules, placing storage cabinets and an oven and microwave tower.

The integral renovation of the apartment was completed with neutral tones, restoring and modernizing much of the old furniture. Thus, a warm and bright space was generated ready to make their new tenants happy.

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Type Integral renovation
Area 75 m2
Location Salamanca
Year 2018
Client Private
Project WAS
Photography WAS
Construction ReformArte Salamanca