Integral house renovation project

With an almost square floor plan, this house renovation project in Bilbao prioritized an arrangement and regulation of spaces, adapting the distribution to the specific needs of the client who was looking for a fluid and flexible space.

For this reason, the house is divided into a day space (living room, kitchen and study) and a night space (bedroom, dressing room and bathroom), connected to each other by a hall located in the central core of the house. The transition between the different rooms is made by framing the thresholds and intermediate spaces. Thus, this housing reform in Bilbao achieves a continuous but well defined space.

The interior design designed for this renovation uses an eclectic style, with a predominance of ocher tones and using light both directly and indirectly, achieving environments that adapt to each situation of domestic life.

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Type Renovation
Area 75m2
Location Bilbao
Year 2020
Client Particular
Project WAS
Photography WAS
Construction -