BIM modeling of projects brings added value to the property, offering greater control in the conception, development and useful life. The generated model contains all the graphic information and documentation in order to manage the building. Do you need to outsource BIM modeling services or do you have a peak of work? At WAS we offer a high quality BIM modeling consultancy, we work in a integrated or complementary way to your company.

Whether our client is a studio, a construction company or a promoter, we orient the development to their objectives so that they obtain the best performance and the best results. From the beginning we establish a series of guidelines for BIM modeling.



From the first moment you start to develop a model, it is essential to know what will be its purpose. That is, we will define the own and internal characteristics of the model. In general, we can precise the requirements in 5 groups:

BIM USES: 3D modeling, time planning (4D), cost planning (5D), sustainability and energy efficiency (6D), operativity and maintenance (7D) or other kind of uses.

BIM DISCIPLINES: architecture, structure and/or facilities (MEP),

LEVEL OF DEVELOPMENT (LOD): We define up to what level of graphic and information development a model has to get.

HIERARCHIES AND LINKS: If we develop more than one model for the same project, we will also define what type of relationship there will be between them.

DOCUMENTATION TO EXTRACT: editable models (RVT), interoperable models (IFC), plans and views (2D y 3D) and/or quantifications and measurements.

In addition to these five requirements, we also have the complexity and size of the building itself, which will directly affect development times.


Where are the files to be stored? Who will have access to them and in what way? The model to be developed has to be stored on a computer, cloud or server. In addition, the level of accessibility and permits will be stipulated in the BEP or the initial conditions. In other words, the client tells us at which BIM level we are going to work:

BIM LEVEL 1: We do not participate in a Common Development Environment (CDE). Development files are stored and managed by us. Depending on what the client needs, we provide the information extracted (planimetries and quantifications), interoperable models (IFC) or the editable model (RVT).

BIM LEVEL 2-3: We do participate in a Common Development Environment (CDE). The development files are shared in the cloud or server indicated by the client. In this way, all participating agents have updated information. Depending on what the customer needs, interoperable (IFC) or editable (RVT) information will be shared.

In both cases, we offer the possibility of hosting and managing all the information in our cloud, being accessible 24 hours a day, by the client or their authorized parties.



A BIM model can have different types of information to rely on for its development. Although there may be different situations, we highlight the 3 most common:

NO PRIOR DOCUMENTATION: For generic models or for which there is little information (for example, a simple plot system). In these cases we value the possibility of carrying out auxiliary work of traditional, photogrammetric or laser measurement with point cloud and later a BIM modeling according to the requirements established by the client.

CAD DOCUMENTATION: For models in which the client has CAD documentation (for example, DWG) and needs to pass this information to a BIM format (RVT or IFC).

BIM DOCUMENTATION: For models in which the client has BIM documentation and needs a higher or different level of development. For example, the client supplies us with an architectural model with a LOD 100-200 (preliminary design) and orders us to increase it to a LOD 350-400 (execution).



At WAS Factory we offer a BIM modeling consulting service, optimizing our clients investment. We also offer other services for the implementation, auditing and development of BIM object catalogs for the AECO industry. If you are interested or need more information you can contact us, we will be happy to collaborate with you.



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