A 3D render, o render it is an image made in 3D of the final result of an architecture or interior design project. Working with 3D renders facilitates the understanding of the project, since the client can see exactly how the final result will look like, improving the communication of the architecture or interior design project. What type of 3D renders do we make and what is our workflow?


At WAS we use a linear workflow for the representation of 3D renders with which we have achieved excellent results. What exactly does it consist of? By dividing the process into several phases, we don’t go into the next one until we have closed the previous one with your approval. In this way, both parties have a clear idea of the progress of the project.

In our FACTORY department, we develop digital renders of your projects. Therefore, we will develop them according to the initial documentation that you provide us. The more defined, precise and concrete your project is, the better results we will achieve and the tighter the budget will be. Let’s now see our workflow:


We can make the 3D model of your project. For this, we need you to provide us with all the technical documentation of it to have the maximum precision when modeling your renders. We also include at this point the modeling extras that your 3D render may require (furniture, accessories …). We place the cameras and consult with you the different frames. To go to the next block, your approval of the chosen frames is necessary.


We put textures and lighting to the scenes with your instructions or the textures provided by you in the initial documentation. We will show you test renders to adjust details and get your approval before we can shoot a render with a higher resolution.


In this step is where the magic takes place and your 3D render achieves that “wow effect” that you like so much. It is very important that you have indicated the desired final style, or what you want to convey with your images. This way, we will adjust our efforts to achieve that final desired image. We will provide you with a capture of the render in case you want to sketch on it (placement of people, vegetation, accessories …). In this phase the final adjustments and color corrections are produced before the final delivery.



Day or night, open spaces or closed spaces, bird’s eye views or at the level of the human eye, with people or without people … there are several options to configure a render but there are two groups that we clearly differentiate:


Interior renders focus more on the small scale, getting to model with great precision all the details of the scene. These 3D renders are perfect both for interior design and decoration projects and for interior architecture projects. We work both residential and commercial interiors.


These are 3D renders focused on architecture projects, on a small or large scale. These renders tend to have more post-processing work and it is quite common for them to incorporate people, animals and vegetation. It is very common to use them in real estate promotions and architecture studios.



At WAS Factory we offer a 3D render service optimizing our clients’ investment. In addition, we offer other 3D modeling and assistance services in parallel with the development of a project. If you are interested or need more information you can contact us, we will be happy to collaborate with you.